Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

At Obras Especiales we undertake to govern our business policy and our management systems via Social Responsibility criteria. This commitment is based on compliance with some socially responsible values.

Our actions reflect an economic commitment to the community (customers, suppliers, employees, financial entities and administration), an environmental commitment to our surroundings, a social commitment (health and safety practices, quality of our product, training, promotion of workers, job creation) and a commitment to society.

In 2009, together with the Ecología y Desarrollo consultancy, we submitted ourselves to a Corporate Social Responsibility diagnosis. The result enabled us to bring to light, classify and give priority to the activities carried out in this field by the different departments. Fruit of this reorganisation was the 2010 PROGRAMA PLUS.

Programa Plus is an initiative whose aim is to group together all the actions related to Social Responsibility that are generated within our Company, to foster and start up improvement actions in areas considered to be strategic (improvements for workers, environmental improvements and social improvements)