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Obras Especiales:

  • Year of foundation: 1979
  • Scope of action: Navarre
  • www.obenasa.com

Obras Especiales activity in Navarre is undertaken by Obenasa. Which is a construction company with headquarters in Pamplona, whose activity mainly takes place in Navarre.  It carries out both public and private projects in the civil engineering and building fields.

Obenasa was founded in 1979 and it has a long professional career, making it one of the most important construction companies in the Navarre construction sector.

Obenasa has participated in many different projects that have contributed to the improvement and transformation of the Regional Community of Navarre such as the Pamplona-Logroño Highway, the Barranca Highway, and the eastern ring road of Pamplona.  It has carried out hydraulic and environmental infrastructures such as the Navarre Canal, the Tiebas water treatment plant, institutional buildings such as the extension to the Palace of Justice or the Reyno de Navarra Arena Pavilion. 

    • Pamplona Offices (Obenasa)

      Remiro de Goñi, 16 bajo 31010, Pamplona. (Navarra)
      Tel.: 948 18 77 07
      GPS coordinates: Latitude: 40° 25' 0.7494"/ Longitude: -3° 42' 11.9082"

    • Pamplona Offices (Obras Especiales)

      Remiro de Goñi, 38 bajo 31010, Pamplona. (Navarra)
      Tel.: 902 11 04 62 


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  • Year of foundation: 2003
  • Scope of action: Gipuzkoa
  • www.obegisa.com

In the province of Gipuzkoa, Obegisa is the company owned by Obras Especiales. Its headquarters are based in San Sebastián and its field of action encompasses the entire Autonomous Community.

Obegisa was founded in 2003 and since then it has undergone on-going evolution to reach its consolidated position as a benchmark company within the sector.

It has been working with professionalism for more than one decade in the construction of large infrastructure projects in Gipuzkoa  such as the platform for the high-speed railway network.  Antzuola - Ezkio/Itzaso East section, the twinning and covering of the Amaña - Ardanza section of the Bilbao - Donostia railway line, the recently opened  Southern Bypass of Hernani or the twinning of the Iparralde junction on the N-I bypass of Irun.   

Obegisa has carried out important construction projects such as the refurbishment of the Miracruz  Building, no. 10, or the construction of the Belartza social building, the "El Pinar" and  "San Juan" car parks in Irun, the construction of 116 houses in Bergara, the reform and refurbishment of the Atsobakar residence in Lasarte or the extension of the second floor of Iron Hospital.

Working to contribute to the growth of Gipuzkoa.

  • Donostia - San Sebastián Offices

    Edificio Igaraburu. Pokopandegi Bidea, 11 2ª planta oficinas 203-208 20018 Donostia - San Sebastián. (Gipuzkoa)
    Tel.: 943 21 05 36  
    GPS coordinates: Latitude: 43° 18' 14.6412" / Longitude: -2° 1' 19.4484"

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  • Year of foundation: 2004
  • Scope of action:  Aragón
  • www.obearagon.com 

Obras Especiales is present in Aragon via Obearagon, created in 2004 with headquarters in Zaragoza.  Its scope of activity extends throughout the province of Aragon (Huesca, Zaragoza and Teruel).  Its activity involves the execution of both public and private projects in the civil engineering and construction fields.

Throughout these years, Obearagon has participated in significant projects that have contributed to the improvement and transformation of the community. The works carried out for Expo Zaragoza 2008 are especially important (remodelling of Avda. Ranillas, development of the Eastern area of Delicias Station or the Paseo del Agua).

In the construction field, Obearagon has executed representative projects such as the refurbishment of the building in Calle Coso 42, the Aquatic Inspirations thematic square, the Broto kindergarten and primary education centre or the “La Camisera” football grounds.

Obearagon Offices

Edificio Technocenter  (PLAZA)
Calle Bari 31,  Oficina 112, Zaragoza  (Zaragoza)
Tel.: 976 22 59 61
Coordenadas GPS: Latitud: 41° 39' 03.6"N / Longitud:0° 58' 46.5"W

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  • Year of foundation: 1991
  • Scope of action: Bizkaia and Álaba/Araba
  • www.bikani.com

The presence of Obras Especiales in Biscay dates back to 2008, when Contratas y Construcciones Bikani was incorporated into Obras Especiales.  Bikani was created in 1991 and had far-reaching experience and prestige, with over 20 years of activity in Biscay and Araba.Its long career in the construction sector and its turnover have contributed considerably to the establishment of the Group in the Northern Region.

Bikani has carried out important building projects: housing, corporate buildings, industrial pavilions, education, institutional and sporting buildings, etc.  Especially noteworthy are significant projects such as the Bistaytic Technology Centre in Getxo, the refurbishment of the Fenix Building in Bilbao, the Portopin and Amador de Palma car parks in Setao, the reform of the Mendizorroza stadium or the 100 houses in Durango.

It has also carried out civil engineering work in different locations in Bizkaia  and Álava such as the Portugalete Multipurpose Park, the development of the Urtebieta Neighbourhood in Galdakao, the BI-3117 Maruri - Jatabe road conditioning or the SR-1 development in Zaldibar.

Biscay Offices

Edificio La Avanzada-Artaza Etxea. Paseo Landabarri nº 3, 3ª planta, of. G  48940 Leioa (Bizkaia)
Tel. 94 676 40 35
GPS coordinates: Latitude: 43° 19' 49.965" / Longitude: -2° 59' 45.33"

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  • Year of foundation: 2008
  • Scope of action: Chile
  • Human team: 610 people
  • www.obechile.cl

On an international level, Obras Especiales has been present in Chile since 2008, when Obechile was created.  With headquarters in Santiago, its scope of activity is the entire country. Its activity is focused on the execution of both public and private projects in the civil engineering and building fields. They are specialists in the construction of hydroelectric plants and in retail buildings.

Obechile has entered and is registered in the main public and private establishments of the country: Registry of Major Works Contractors of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), National Registry of Contractors of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MINVU), National Registry of Social Housing Constructors,  Achilles RePrto, University of Chile , etc.  

Since the start of its activity, it has successively concluded all types of projects in different regions of the country.  Obechile works for such representative customers as Rentas Falabella, Mall Quilín, Invercap Group or Walmart Chile.

Offices in Santiago

Edificio Arrau, Avda. Presidente Riesco 5561, of.501-A. Las Condes. Santiago de Chile (Chile)
Tel.: +(56 - 2) 2750 15 00
GPS coordinates: Latitude: -33° 24' 15.411" / Longitude: -70° 34' 27.9798"

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  • Year of foundation: 2009
  • Scope of action: La Rioja
  • www.oberioja.com

Obras Especiales is present in the La Rioja region via the Oberioja company, created in 2008. 

Since its creation it has undertaken major projects that have contributed to improving and transforming our community, such as the remodelling and urbanisation of Avda. de la Paz, the pedestrianisation of the streets of Bretón de los Herreros and Siervas de Jesús, and improvements to the streets of Laurel, San Juan, Albornoz and San Agustín.  

Oberioja has constructed the waste water treatment plants of  Herce, Abalos and Galilea, as well as the sewage and treatment of the municipalities of Brieva de Cameros and Ventorsa. In the services field it has constructed the “El Cubo” Kindergarten and the indoor swimming pools of Lardero.

La Rioja Offices

c/ Gran Vía Juan Carlos I, 65 - 2ºA - 26005 Logroño (La Rioja)
Tel.: 941 27 37 07
GPS coordinates: Latitude: -33° 24' 15.411" / Longitude: -70° 34' 27.9798"

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  • Year of fundation: 2009
  • Scope of action: Madrid, Central Zone, and Andalusia
  • www.obetp.com 

Since 2009 Obras Especiales has had a branch in Madrid which organises and coordinates all the projects and actions that are being carried out in central mainland Spain (Madrid and surrounding provinces) and in Andalusia.

During this stage, representative works such as 323 homes in Rivas Vaciamadrid, 62 homes in Ciudad Real, 36 homes in Leganés, 50 homes in Cuenca, 14 houses in Majadahonda, 90 homes in Los Barrios have been carried out, among others. 

Madrid Offices

Complejo Iberia Mart I y II
c/ Orense, 34 - 28020 Madrid (Madrid)
Tel.: 91 110 22 20

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